Unify Livermore understands that a city's strength lies in its diversity and the ability to hear its citizens voices.



We are here to be a trusted and transparent collaboration of Livermore citizens and organizations committed to bringing the people of Livermore closer together while amplifying their collective voice.


To bring together the diverse voices of Livermore and make sure their voices are heard by the decision makers that impact our unique city.  

Livermore loves Livermore. That is what sets this city apart from others. It’s the passion each citizen has to see the city succeed.
— Jacob Anderson, Local Teacher

our values

  • Promote a healthy, diverse and energetic Livermore.
  • Preserve and celebrate Livermore's rich heritage.
  • Create an open and thriving Livermore for future generations.
  • Advance the Sciences and Arts within our schools and community.
  • Advocate for live and work local policies. 
  • Support Livermore's vibrant music, wine and food culture.
  • Preserve our vineyards and open space.
  • Create a politically engaged and informed community.
  • Be a welcome and inclusive group of Livermore residents.