Livermore is important to us.

Its past is where we learn who we are. Its future is what we embrace. And today, we enjoy what it has to give.

One of our goals here at Unify Livermore is to help Livermore’s citizens engage in their local politics, both by informing them on the issues and helping them egage in the political process.  While there are a wide range of issues that effect our city, these are some of the issues that residents find significant and Unify Livermore has chosen to focus on.  

Enhancing Downtown

Downtown Livermore is recognized throughout Northern California as vibrant, diverse, and family friendly. It is an arts and entertainment hub and a magnet for people drawn to its one-of-a-kind shops and unique restaurants. It has been hailed as a model for innovative, forward-thinking redevelopment.

The city council worked for months to get public input on what priorities they wanted to see downtown. The vast majority of Livermore citizens wanted to see the continued revitalization of downtown. During the outreach process the citizens of Livermore prioritized a list of 10 things, the top 3 being Parking, Community Character, and Open Space [1].

The result of that effort was the Mayor, City Council, and city staff creating a downtown plan that balanced all of the voices and priorities of the citizens of Livermore. This plan was ultimately approved by a majority vote by the Mayor and City Council.

The plan that was created is supported by many citizens of Livermore along with some of its most prominent organizations.

  • Livermore Stockmen’s Association

  • Livermore Shakespeare Festival

  • Innovation Tri-Valley

  • Livermore Downtown Inc.

  • Livermore Chamber of Commerce

  • Livermore Valley Winegrowers Association

  • Interfaith Housing

Stockman’s Park

To honor Livermore’s veterans and ranching history the City of Livermore agreed to build a park by partnering with the Livermore Stockmen’s Association. This agreement was made over 50 years ago. Today Livermore has the opportunity to fulfill its promise to the Stockman’s Association to build the park celebrating Livermore’s rich history.

During the development of the Downtown Plan the City of Livermore collaborated with the Stockman’s Association to determine the location and the design elements of the future park. The plan involved a Land Use swap to move the park from the originally planned location on Pacific Ave to Livermore’s downtown.

This puts Livermore’s rich heritage into the center of Livermore’s downtown where it will have the biggest impact on the visitors of the future park. It also fulfills a 50+ year promise by Livermore to the Stockman’s Association to build a park that honors Livermore’s veterans and ranching history, while also meeting the priority of creating a large open space downtown.


Livermore is no longer immune to the housing crisis that is impacting the bay area. The Mayor and City Council know this.

By approving housing in the Downtown Plan the Mayor and City Council have decided to build 130 workforce housing units downtown. These housing units will be for  Livermore teachers, first responders, service workers, and other citizens of Livermore who are finding it hard to continue to afford to live in our great city.

The land used for these housing units was purchased using funds provided by the states Redevelopment Fund. This fund was used to purchase land specifically used to build workforce housing. When the city agreed to use the fund they committed to developing housing on the land purchased with the fund. If Livermore does not meet its obligation to build the housing required to repay back those funds to the state ballooning the total cost of the Downtown Development Plan by that value.

Additionally, there will be an additional 100 senior and veteran housing units build on Pacific Ave. This is a rare opportunity that is made possible due to Mayor and City Council and the Stockman’s Association agreeing to a Land Use swap. This moves the location of 100 units of housing on land downtown purchased with Livermore’s Affordable Housing fund to Pacific Ave., while at the same time moving the planned Stockman’s Park from Pacific Ave. to the Downtown Development Area.



Parking was identified as the first priority to any downtown development. It was important to the Mayor and CIty Council that the number of parking spots currently available be maintained while adding enough parking to meet the demand of the new amenities being built downtown.

Why was it important to them?  Because that is what the citizens of Livermore wanted. There are currently 1,148 parking spots in area that is being developed downtown.

After the downtown plan finishes construction there will be a total of 1,623 to 1,728 parking spots created in the downtown plan. This is the total number of parking spots in both parking garages, all of the underground parking for the hotel and housing, and surface parking.

Of the total number of spots after the project 1,313 to 1,388 of those spots will be publicaly available to park in for free. That is an increase of just the garage and surface parking of 310 to 340 public parking spots.

The hotel will also be adding 120 daily/hourly parking spots available for a fee.

[1] Full list of Priorities

[2] Parking information

Money in Politics

Throughout all areas of Livermore politics there are currently few regulations regarding money in local politics.  Currently both the mayor and city council member candidates can receive unlimited amounts of campaign donations from individuals.  This means that and individual can donate an unlimited amount to a political campaign.  Political Action Committees (PACs) can also collect and spend unlimited amounts of money in Livermore elections, even if those donations come from a single person.  

Over the past 2 elections PACs have spent over $350,000 to try and influence local elections.  While council candidates not backed by a PAC were unable to explain the information and misinformation that PACs were able circulate.   


Secondly, we want to help you take action.  This can take several different forms.  You can attend city council meetings.  Every city council meeting gives citizens the chance to make comments of their choosing to the City Council and City Staff.  We would be more than gladly to help walk you through the process.  Another action you can take is emailing council members.  All city council members have an email address where you can contact them.  This is a great way to directly contact your elected officials.  They are even willing to meet with you in person to discuss issues that are important to you.  

Lastly, you can help us.  Unify Livermore is an organization that is here for the people of Livermore.  It can only work with the help of Livermore residents.  We have plenty of opportunities for you to help us in our goals.   On our Get Involved page we have a place for you to join our volunteer email list or you can contact us directly at