Our Team

Unify Livermore works with many different people and groups to provide all of the information that we can to the citizens of Livermore. As an organization that values transparency, and the honesty that comes with being a transparent organization, it is important to us that you know who is behind Unify Livermore. The following members of your community represent the team at Unify Livermore.


Karl Wente, Director

Karl D. Wente is the COO at Wente Family Estates.  He has a passion for food, wine, music, and art in his hometown of Livermore.


Asa Strout, Director & CEO

Asa is born and raised in Livermore and currently works in the Bay Area. He is a co-founder of Build Downtown Now. Prior to joining Unify Livermore he has been active in the community by co-founding the Tri-Valley Rotaract and volunteering locally. Asa has always been an advocate for Livermore and will continue to work to keep Livermore an amazing community.

Evan Branning, CFO

Evan Branning is a resident of Livermore and Teacher in Pleasanton USD. He is a co-founder of the BART2Livermore Coalition and Build Downtown Now. He Also serves on the Livermore Human Services Commission and the Alameda County Public Health Commission. He has been a local activist working to improve access to health, transport, and housing in Livermore.


Jacob Anderson, COO 

Jacob Anderson was born and raised in Livermore. He is a teacher for the Livermore Joint Unified School District and co-founder of Build Downtown Now.  Jacob has a passion for his hometown and the past, present, and future residents that make it great.