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Since 1876, Livermore has established itself as a beautiful destination. It is a city with a diverse community that throughout the decades has welcomed and cultivated a uniqueness found nowhere else in the Bay Area.

In recent elections, there have been small groups of individuals who have used their influence and wealth to impact the political decisions in Livermore in their favor.

Unify Livermore wants to bring those decisions back to the citizens of Livermore by providing honest and transparent information to the citizens of Livermore, not a one-sided or biased view.


Join us in sharing your stories, concerns, beliefs in building a better community.  

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Unify Livermore is a trusted organization of Livermore citizens and local groups who work to create a community more engaged in local politics and government.

Livermore citizens have a wide range of opinions and views and Unify Livermore believes that by bringing those views together, Livermore will be a much stronger and more unified city.