Engaging the People of Livermore

Unify Livermore believes that it is essential to engage with the citizens of Livermore is the best way to promote a successful political process. When a community is engaged with the political process, the values of that community are likely to be heard.

Without broad community engagement the elected officials believe that the vocal minority of citizens speak for the majority of citizens Livermore.


We want to get help you get engaged.

How does Unify Livermore get people engaged?

Unify Livermore will be holding events within the community and sharing important information.

We also constantly look for new ways to get the citizens of Livermore more engaged and informed on political issues that impact Livermore. If you have any ideas on how to do so, please contact us with some suggestions at UnifyLivermore@gmail.com

Community Events

Unify Livermore will be hosting community events that get the citizens of Livermore together to each other. Please visit our community calendar for an updated list of community events Unify Livermore is hosting along with other interesting events in Livermore.

How we keep people informed with Unify Livermore?

We work to make sure that the people of Livermore are informed.  We spread information through all of the following channels:

Social Media: Find us on Faceboook, Twitter, and Instagram!




Email Updates: Sign up for our newsletter!

Word of Mouth: Tell your friends and family about Unify Livermore!

How can Unify Livermore help you get engaged?

Our goal is to get you more engaged and we want to help you take action. Here are a few things that you can do be more engaged with Livermore’s political process:

City Council Meetings

City council meeting gives citizens the chance to make comments of their choosing to the City Council and City Staff. Each meeting has a Citizen’s Forum that lets the citizens of Livermore speak for 3 minutes on any topic.

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 6.07.47 PM.png

At least one of the Unify Livermore team members will be at the meeting and we would be more than gladly to help walk you through the process.

Contact Your Representatives  

All elected officials have an email address where you can contact them. This is a great way to directly contact the individuals who are responsible for making decisions on your behalf. Most elected officials are even willing to meet with you in person to discuss issues that are important to you.

You can find the contact information for Livermore’s City Council by clicking this link!


Lastly, you can help us by signing up to be a volunteer! As Karl Wente says (paraphrasing President Lincoln) at Livermore City Council Meetings, “Our government is by the people, for the people”, so is Unify Livermore.

As an organization Unify Livermore is here as citizens of Livermore for the citizens of Livermore. We can be even more successful with the help of the citizens of Livermore helping to meet our goals.

We have plenty of volunteer opportunities for you. Go to our Get Involved page and sign up for our newsletter and check the “Receive information on volunteer opportunities”.